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Thursday, June 12, 2014

24 States in 27 Days - Day 26:

November 4th, 2012, Sunday: There wasn’t any ice on our windows this morning --- a gorgeous sunny day, but it was still quite chilly out. We used the last of our water to make coffee, and discovered we were also out of cocoa and cream. It felt like we truly were reaching the end of our road trip! 

Our plan was to check out Moab some more as we left the campground, so I was surprised and pleased when Brad decided he was ready to just take off, and turned north onto 191. The road was calling! 

We spotted a hot air balloon as we cruised along, and pulled over a couple of times to get some pics.

After a short jaunt on I-70, we exited onto hwy. 6/191, for a pit stop in the little town of Helper where we filtered water, and ate the leftover cornbread muffins. 

Soon after leaving Helper we turned onto hwy. 6 towards Provo Utah. In Provo we pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot to tap into their internet so I could check email and see when I needed to be home to retrieve paintings from an art show. Our deadline was noon the next day. After a grocery stop, we took off on I-15 north, and I helped direct Brad through the freeway maze of Provo, Orem, and Salt Lake City. We stopped for gas in Kaysville, just south of Ogden which had a nice rural feel to it compared to the Salt Lake area. 

Then we veered from I-15 onto I-84, a few miles from the Idaho border, and stopped at a rest area just south of the intersection with I-86 to make a quick pb & j. Quick because it was a nasty one! We then continued through Idaho, staying on the freeway until we came to Bliss where we had to do a quick drive through just so we could say we’d reached Bliss! 

After getting gas, we hopped back onto I-84, driving into the sunset. 

It was dark as we approached the Oregon sign and we passed it so fast, I wasn’t able to shoot a photo, so since we stopped for gas at the next exit, we decided we had to go back and try again. Hilariously, we did, heading east, back into Idaho just so we could take this last state entrance sign. We needed proof we were finally in our home state! 

We then looked for the hwy. 20/26 exit and began our backroad trek home. After a flurry of texts to family letting them know we were now in Oregon, Brad drove us off into the dark, while I worked on my laptop. Eventually Brad tired of peering into blackness for animals and was ready for a break, so he found a wide spot to pull over, I tucked things away and took over driving and was soon zooming west on hwy. 20 east of Burns. We pulled off at a brightly lit gas station to study the map together and spotted a rest area west of Burns and thought we’d try sleeping there. Arriving around 9:45, we parked in a quiet corner, quickly moved things into the cab, set the alarm for 6:00 am, then curled up in bed and almost instantly fell asleep. We heard a couple of trucks come and go but otherwise it was a very quiet campground. 

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Jeff said...

Impressed you turned back for the Welcome to Oregon photo!.... but not surprised.