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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's still January, barely.

This month I've been painting on tiny, little canvases - 2x2" and 2x4". This small size has created some unexpected benefits. Because I work in pastels which are often almost as big as these canvases, it means I have to simplify and not put in a whole lot of detail. It also means some serious painting with non-serious attitude! They're playful, because you just can't get too wrapped up in something that tiny - you run out of room quickly which means you can work fast, which also makes me have to think fast. I can make decisions without a lot of pondering 'cause when the piece is that small, there just isn't that much area to figure out! They become precious when finished because of their size, but while working on them you can get beyond their preciousness and not worry about becoming too attached to an area since in a sudden swipe of a pastel, that area has disappeared to be replaced by another swatch of color that's just as fascinating. I'm also working in several series, exploring different color combinations with the same or similar subject matter. This is almost like sketching, but with a finished product at the end. Can you feel my enthusiasm? Here are some photos of some of the tiny paintings I've completed.

This snowy scene below is one I've recently listed in my Etsy shop

This is also listed on Etsy

Here are a few more I painted in November and December:

Truly a challenge to see what can be placed on such a small surface. A challenge I'm willing to keep playing with. Stay tuned to see what's next!

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