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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photos from the past week

This is what our car looked like, stuffed with everything Eliza had at UO when we brought her home last week. She and I almost had to walk home! Notice the big bag that sat under my feet all the way home... luckily I like to sit with my feet on the dash and it wasn't uncomfortable at all!

Lovely evening out with friends from Portland---we had dinner at Fireworks (previously known as Wildfire, & before that as Intabas) http://www.fireworksvenue.com/main.html

Sunset out our motel on Monday night---The local plein air painters headed to Florence for 3 days, painting Tuesday at Cleawox lake just south of Florence, then at Heceta Lighthouse on Wed.

This was the view I chose to paint at Heceta Lighthouse state park---you can see the lighthouse off in the distance.

Speaking of the lighthouse....

Walking back down from the lighthouse the view of the keeper's house and the hwy. 101 bridge which I was painting nearby earlier.

The keeper's house, up close & personal---it's a bed & breakfast!

Meanwhile, back at home we've had a visiting chickadee family that frolicked in the sprinkler while we had lunch one day. I had to try and capture a few on film (probably not the correct term now that we're using digital photography?)

Have a terrific weekend!

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m i c h e l l e said...

Lookee there...now it's ME who's famous on YOUR blog! :-)

The pictures are just lovely and I love the pix of the chickadee family! How so very sweet!