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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paint out day!

This was the site of our plein air paint out today---a private home with an abundance of flowers, vistas overlooking the valley, and fun garden art tucked here and there to surprise us!

The variety of poppies was pretty stunning---these especially, each one about the size of a dinner plate---or larger! There were red poppies, frilly orange & lavender ones, and these amazing giant white beauties.

I loved the painted floor in the bathroom...how cool is this?!

This poppy was unique with its crackle-like white veins shooting out from the centers.

Here's what I finally settled on painting. At first it was in the shade---like I was, but then as we approached noon, the poppy was flooded with sunshine, making bright highlights and subtle shadows I tried to throw in at the last minute.

This was the first layer of pastel on my 12x12" canvas.

And here is the pastel painting at its almost finished state. I need to study it for a bit now, see if there's anything I don't like, or want to change. Any suggestions? Constructive criticism? Ideas?

1 comment:

m i c h e l l e said...

What a terrific venue for your paint out day! Gorgeous flowers and I totally would have taken a picture of the bathroom floor too!!! LOL!

Your poppy picture is gorgeous! I LOVE the contrast of the red and orangey yellow. My only suggestion would be to lower the background. The reddish purpley color and effect are beautiful but I feel like I want to see MORE of where the red and orange meet. I want more punch! Does that make sense? :-)