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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The window is finished!

Well, thanks for the crossed fingers---we didn't crack, or ruin the sheet of glass we were sandblasting! In fact it turned out pretty well. The hard part now is getting a decent photo... Monday was fun---I relaxed with my sister-in-law at her place, visited with my 15 yr. old niece, marveled over their 21 year old cat that still jumps up on things...went thru a few fun shops in old town Vancouver, all while hubby was sandblasting this + a couple other pieces for some sign jobs. He called at 3:15 to say he was just starting the window piece... I wasn't surprised, but thought he'd be a bit further along since he dropped me off around 11:00! I then was asked to call his sister & let her know we weren't going to be installing it that day (she may have been relieved to not have to fuss with us while preparing for her party that night!) It wasn't finished 'til after 6:00---but looks good, and those piggy trees actually look rather orchard-like after all! Click on photo to get a larger image....

The photo was taken this afternoon---can you see the bits of snow on the grass? How cool is that?! Love snow---at least the rare snow showers we get around here---it's been dumping on & off all day, then the sun comes out & melts it almost all away---temps around 37-39ยบ so not really cold enough for it to last, but once it gets dark maybe there will be enough to close school tomorrow!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Absolutely stunning! With Mt. Hood in the background. Wow! Great work!