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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow much fun!

I love snow when we get it here in the valley---it's so rare, such a treat, doesn't last long so we don't get a chance to get tired of it, which means when it does arrive I have to stop and get out in it! Because it doesn't snow here often it usually means a day off from school too!! One year tho we had a superintendent from Colorado---he didn't think our inch or two of snow warranted a day off---made for a lot of disappointed kids (and adults...!) He didn't last long ;)!

When I opened the curtain in our bedroom this morning I was amazed at how thick the snow was piled up on the branches of our plum tree in our front yard---had to go find our camera to capture this image!

We had snow on & off all morning but by afternoon the sun came out & things began to melt fast around here. It's supposed to be cold tonight so the patches of snow we still have will probably stay a bit longer, but I'm sure school will be back in session tomorrow.

Tho Brad was hard at work, I talked him into an afternoon break & we drove up to our favorite hilltop park & hiked around the loop in snow that was a foot deep or more in parts! A real winter wonderland---so beautiful with the sun sparkling and blue shadows reflecting the azure sky!


Karla said...

BEAUTIFUL pics!!! And I am glad you had a blast!!!! -Karla

Michelle said...

Oh what beautiful pictures Jana! I'm SO jealous you had snow. We had...dandruff! Barely a dusting and it didn't last long. Wah!!! :-)

Ronda P. said...

Beautiful! Stunning! Especially love the last one!