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Friday, March 08, 2013

24 States in 27 Days - Day 11:

Oct. 20th, 2012, Saturday:  We woke to sun and clouds; it was cool but nice. Today was Morgantown West Virginia day - a chance to meet up with our friends, Kathy and Kevin Burton. They moved from Oregon to WV several years prior when Kathy was hired as a professor at WVU. She invited us to come visit them when in Oregon a while back, which was the actual impetus for this road trip! We drove into downtown Morgantown and discovered the Blue Moose cafe. Brad parked on a side road and as I stepped out of the truck, I almost collapsed! The sidewalk had an actual step down to it, rather than the usual curb! I just slid flat footed off the step and somehow managed to not sprain an ankle or crash. 

We had a great breakfast at the Blue Moose, tapped into their wifi, then wandered downtown, discovering the Farmers market in full swing. I joked with Brad to look for Kevin or Kathy and right then my phone rang - it was Kathy! We arranged to meet at the market in 10 minutes. It was great to see them and meet Chico, their little dog they’d recently adopted. After a bit of shopping I drove Kathy in our truck to her house, while Brad rode with Kevin to pick up groceries. She too was surprised I managed to avoid a fall when she saw the sidewalk steps! After zigging thru town we arrived at their place. They’ve been renovating and we enjoyed seeing what they had accomplished so far. Lots of nice changes! After lunch they took us up to Cooper’s Rock - a favorite spot to see fall colors. 

It was a gorgeous view overlooking the wooded Cheat River valley below, but surprisingly cold! 

Later we stopped to see Cheat Lake where we ended up drenched from a sudden rain shower, but we still enjoyed the hike and views.

Soggy Chico! 
We warmed up with hot cocoa once we returned to their home, then later that evening we all went out for a terrific dinner at Mountain State Brewing Co, down in the wharf district. Mmm, yummy pizzas with lots of exotic toppings - butternut and feta, mushroom medley, lemon pepper chicken and spinach. The day ended with a cozy evening at their house, and very comfy sleeping quarters - INSIDE! 

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