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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

24 States in 27 Days - Day 10:

Oct. 19th, 2012, Friday: Waking, we were dazzled by the brilliant yellow view out the back window of our truck. It’s always a surprise to see where you’ve settled when you arrive and camp in the dark! After climbing out, I noticed we had a neighbor several sites beyond us - far enough away to not infringe on our camp “bubble”. It was sunny with clouds, cool but not cold. 

Brad removed everything up in the roof box to sort & reorganize, and we marveled at all the supplies we’d yet to touch! 

On our way out we stopped at a parking area that overlooked the river valley and were amazed by the view of the colorful trees on the nearby hills. I was giddy with joy - here were some of those east coast autumn colors I’d heard about forever! 

From there we drove back to Loudenville hoping to find a spot with wifi access, and noticed a library just as we arrived in town. We gathered our electronics to charge and went into the teen room where they had a table and lots of plugs for us to borrow, and settled in for a couple of hours. We were surprised it was almost 2:00 when we finally took off. From there we headed east on 39/60/62, stopping in Berlin, which we discovered was a touristy Amish town. The one shop we liked was a German grocery store that seemed to cater to the Amish, since there were lots of horse and carts parked in the lot and most of the store clerks were Amish. We bought more cheese and apples - our favorite foods this trip. 

We drove through Sugarcreek whose claim to fame is it’s the Little Switzerland of Ohio, then onto I-77 for a short bit, taking hwy. 250 after that. We stopped in the town of Cadiz for photos - some signs caught Brad’s eye, so while he shot those I took pics of the courthouse. 

Not too much further we were crossing the Ohio River, into West Virginia, continuing east on 250 which became a crazy, slow, 20-mph-curves highway! 

Our next stop was Cameron WV. Driving through in the dark, we were surprised to see the close-set buildings right next to the road. While in town we tried to send an email to friends in Morgantown WV - our next destination, but couldn’t connect anywhere from the truck by cell phone or internet. We ended up inside the police station where a friendly officer loaned us his computer so we could let them know we were getting close. A woman with blond and pink hair was in the office too, seated behind the desk and we thought she worked there. We had a nice chat with the cop who gave us a map of West Virginia and recommended we take hwy. 7 to Morgantown, watching out for deer. As we left I noticed Ms. pink hair was wearing handcuffs! We found hwy. 7 which on the map looked tinier than curvy 250 but was actually much straighter, but still had enough 20 mph. corners to keep us on a slow pace as we looked for a possible campsite. 

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