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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Road trip 2012: 24 states in 27 days: Introduction

On October 10th, 2012, Brad and I packed up our Toyota Tacoma pick-up with gear for an extended road trip east. Starting in Corvallis Oregon, just an hour from the Pacific Ocean, our goal was to venture as far east as we could go within a three or four week time frame. With a borrowed Yakima Rocketbox (thank you Nathan!) for storage, a duffle bag each, a cooler and daypacks, food bags, and a few other essential belongings stored in the cab and under the back canopy, we on our way that afternoon. Under the canopy was our cozy nest in back with a twin sized air bed, three Coleman flannel sleeping bags on top for insulation and two down duvet blankets to use for covers . There were open bin areas between the wheel wells both in front and back of the tires where we could stash shoes, or items we wanted near us during the night which were also covered up by our bedding, allowing for a little more sleeping space. About the only other goal we had on this adventure was to try and drive mostly backroads, but we were also realistic, and knew we'd be needing to zip ahead on freeways at times too. Below, this photo shows our "rolling home", compact and easy to maneuver at one of our stops on the way. 

Follow along with us as we post more about our trip in the upcoming days with more photos and stories from our traveling adventure.