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Monday, September 10, 2012

Mural Painting In Carlton Oregon

This past weekend we were invited to join a group of sign artist friends and help paint a mural in Carlton, which is about 5 miles north of McMinnville. We arrived on Saturday and were promptly pulled into the task of trying to complete this artistic vision within the three days allotted. Here's the weekend in photos: 

One of my first jobs was to help fill in some of the abundant greenery.

Brad, dancing on the scaffolding... this shows the size of the mural - it was big! 

Under this awning was the paint mixing area. 

It was a beautiful evening on Saturday.

This is what your feet will look like if you've been standing in bark dust all day! Ick... 

Here's our group photo the next day. The police department kindly left their car parked nearby all night adding a bit of security to keep the riffraff away. There were several more artists that contributed to the mural but they had to leave before this photo was taken. 

Rick Scott, Justin Riede, and Jose Solis - the designer of this mural making some decisions. 

Gerry Blankenship - our local Carlton contact & generous host. 

I'm standing on a box while Pete paints the border below, both of us having to maneuver around the scaffolding.

Here I'm up on the scaffolding, with my feet braced on the wall to keep from toppling forward. I'm wearing an old shirt of Brad's after dumping a jar of phthalo blue onto my paint shirt... Brad decided dunking the whole shirt into a bucket of water was the best way to clean it, not realizing it was the only long sleeve paint shirt I had with me! Made for a chilly morning in my tank top until Brad remembered he had a 2nd shirt to loan me. He spent his time painting the letters - his favorite subject. 

You can see a crew of painters below Brad, under the scaffolding. 

Pete McKearnan - one of our fearless leaders. 

This photo above shows the height of the scaffolding and the space available below (and the nasty bark dust...)

Our youngest member of the crew taking a break and watching her Papa, Justin work.

The letters getting their final embellishment. 

Pete up on the scaffolding, helping nudge Brad along.

The mural, not quite finished yet, but close to completion, and below, you can see where our youngest painter left her mark!