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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Real TTV photography

Well, it finally happened. I've gone from doing fake photoshopped layered TTV photos to the real thing. TTV photography is a technique where you use an old box style camera, and take photos though that camera with another camera - usually a digital SLR camera, but you could do this with a little point & shoot, or film camera too. The box cameras are those old Brownies & other brands that had a mirror system and you would look down from the top of the camera, held about waist high, to see what you'd like to photograph. Over Memorial Day weekend, a friend and I figured out how to slap together a contraption made up of cardboard, black paper, white tape (what was on hand) & a tripod, then spent a couple days experimenting with exposure, discovering everything was mirrored when viewed which made for a lot of awkward adjustments as we would swing right to compose our photo, discovering we'd loose our chosen image, since it was actually swinging left! Not a very fast photography method, but with patience, we managed to capture some fun photos! Some of these were enhanced to play up color, or remove & change color. All were cropped since the image is rather small initially. Some are straight out of the camera (aside from cropping). Here are some of my favorites from our first weekend playing, and then again, yesterday on another photo adventure.


Teresa said...

OMG, That is such a great idea!
Totally love the vintage style. My favorite is probably the purple flower!

Jana said...

Isn't that fun? I think it's a favorite of mine too. Sadly, the camera we were using for these thru the viewfinder photos was stolen. Meanwhile I bought another, my friend bought one but they don't have the dust & scratches this one had... Might have to work on that! Thanks for visiting!