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Sunday, May 16, 2010


A couple of weeks ago we stopped by my brother's on our way home from Eugene to see the new puppies his family adopted. Can you say CUTE?!!

This is Eva - she looks bigger than she actually was - the camera makes her head look huge! Below is my brother with Izzy.

This photo of Izzy looks like someone is squishing her head with one hand - that's actually 2 hands trying to show off her forehead wrinkles!

Eva & Izzy - sisters!

My turn to cuddle Izzy...

He's discovering the puppies like to chew on ears...

The puppies were bugging poor Lucy the cat - I was trying to capture them in action, and instead caught Izzy trying to crawl under Eva's back legs!

Lucy just took a punch at Izzy - Eva's out of there!

Eva taking a little break - for just a second...

Eva has a stick Izzy wants to chew on too...

All together now: Awwwwwwww!

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