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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Painting on a cloudy day

About 2 weeks ago we painted at Takena Landing, on the west side of Albany, near the 2 bridges that cross the Willamette river. I was lucky to find a location that ended up under one of the bridges - lucky, because of the threat of rain. I don't think it actually rained while I was painting, but we ended up cutting our lunch - critique - time short when fat drops began to fall!

Here's the view I painted:

I was attracted by that yellow tree across the river. When the sun came out for a minute, the tree blazed and was reflected in the river slightly.

Here's the scene with my easel & painting close to finished:

And here's just the painting:

It's pastel on canvas - a fun 4"x12" size I've also painted a few horizontal paintings with. Almost finished...

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