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Friday, May 22, 2009

Inn at Northrup Station

Recently we enjoyed an overnighter at a fun & funky hotel in NW Portland---the Inn at Northrup Station. We were wanting to celebrate Brad's birthday out and about like we did mine at Cannon Beach, but wanted some place unique & different, so it'd be memorable. We started by googling hotels in Portland, and although we found some nice places, nothing stood out. As Brad left to go get ready for bed, I tried one more attempt & googled funky hotels in Portland---that's when I discovered Northrup Station! It was exactly what we were looking for, and after Brad gave his approval we made our reservation.

We arrived an hour earlier than our check in time, but since we found parking right in front and we wanted to explore the neighborhood anyway we parked, then figured we'd see if we could check in already. The kind front desk fella totally accommodated & soon we were moving our things into our 3rd floor room! The place more than lived up to our expectations! We loved the colors and patterns everywhere, the mod decor, the atypical hotel feel. Of course we had the camera working overtime, capturing everything that caught our eyes!

This is actually a model of the Inn at Northrup Station. It's displayed in the lobby and shows how the place is located right on the trolley line.

Below are some photos of our room:

One of the many cool lights---this one in the stairwell. Can you see us?

Across from the lobby was the breakfast room where they served a complimentary continental breakfast each morning.

The check-in desk with the model display next to it:

Brad down the hall to our room:

My shadow and looking west from our little balcony:

The painting in our room---there were quite a few by this same artist throughout the hotel:

This shows the kitchen and office area in our room & Brad.

This is one of the 3 different light globes hanging over the kitchen island - & Brad again! Fused glass was used throughout the hotel, lighting the hallways, the rooms, and in the breakfast sun room too.

Lastly, our door into our room with the Inn's logo.

Truly a memorable mini-vacation for a couple of people that LOVE color & visual stimulation!

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m i c h e l l e said...

SOOOOO cool! Love all your pictures especially the shadow of you on the balcony!