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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cargo Textures

A week ago, Brad and I were finishing up our overnight escape in Portland by wandering around the NW 23rd area, then the Pearl district where we stumbled upon Cargo. The flying paper banners, lanterns, and streamers blowing outside their front porch in the wind were hard to miss. Stepping inside the giant warehouse store was mind boggling, especially after we discovered the amazing textures on the furniture for sale inside! At first our eyes were assaulted by lots of little odd imported gifty items, but the further into the depths of this color filled store we went, the more amazed we became! Being the texture lover I am, I couldn't resist taking as many close-up photos as I could while we wandered this place. Then we discovered there was an upstairs too!! More texture love to collect! Here are some of my favorite texture pics:

Loved all that peeling paint revealing colors from times past.

This photo shows one of the areas downstairs where the light shining through the colored glass caught my eye.

Will write next about where we stayed in Portland---talk about fun & funky! Stay tuned!
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1 comment:

m i c h e l l e said...

I have got to get myself to Cargo. You have SUCH a great eye, Jana! Love all your textural pictures.