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Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Showers bring Spring Flowers!

I've been blown away by our display of spring flowers this year. I always love our front yard in the spring, especially the daffodils that come up every year without any effort needed by me (aside from the initial planting years ago!), but for some reason this year they seem exceptionally abundant! These photos were taken with our new little Olympus 370. No I'm not paid to advertise this gem, but I've sure enjoyed its super-macro abilities!

This is what our backyard looked like during lunch on one of those sunny days we had a couple of weeks ago. I loved how the apple tree branches engulfed the whole yard like a big hug! Truly a winter or early spring view since once the leaves appear the shadow branches disappear.

Our poor trillium, hidden under the apple tree, getting chewed up by nasty slugs I'm guessing. Once I discovered it's tattered appearance I raked all the big maple leaves away from the base, hoping to eliminate hiding places for those slimy pests...

Now I'm in the front yard, visually diving into the glory of the daffodil abundance! Note to self---plant daffodils in the back yard!

This one below has become my computer desktop.

A random plum blossom, greeting the sun!

And last, but not least (in my eyes!) is a single bloom from our Kerria Japonica bush.

Sadly, one of my daughters hates this plant---maybe both---since when it rains it droops into the driveway, making passage difficult, especially if on a bike! Last night, my youngest, on purpose parked the car, right so I'd have to get out, under the soggy Kerria---ha, ha, ha. Too bad my oldest wasn't there to appreciate her efforts! Luckily for me, she moved the car over a bit so I didn't have to get drenched!