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Monday, March 30, 2009

A little spring break escape:

We'd been contemplating a little road trip during spring break, sitting around the breakfast table w/our daughter, wondering if & where, when her phone rang. It was a friend of hers, stranded in our town, suddenly without a ride to Arcata CA where she and her roommate were to start back at college the following day! Well, the timing couldn't have been better---we now had a destination, and reason to go somewhere! In 3 hours we were packed & off on a 6 + hour road trip, 3 girls in the back seat, chatting away, our car stuffed, including the girl's Betta Fish, Dynamite! He was tucked between bags behind their heads, in a wine carafe...

We drove through all sorts of weather, spying snow not that far off the freeway, and even driving through some now and then, but mostly enjoyed a pretty nice little 3 day vacation! Here are some pics of our trip:

Off we go!

We're definitely not at home anymore! This shows the town square in Arcata.

On a tour of Humboldt State University, we spied this cool tile mural. It's on a building that used to be an elementary school.

Of course, if you're in Arcata, you have to go across the bay to Eureka and take a peek at this amazing house...

This was across the street!

We even stopped in Trinidad on our way home! Exotic travels! Sadly, it wasn't the Trinidad off the coast of Venezuela, but it was a beach harbor, north of Arcata. Only 231 stairs down...and back up!

Another have-to-do on a trip down to Arcata is to go on a hike in the redwoods---they're stunningly massive, to say the least! Nothing was photoshopped in these photos---those tree trunks are really that much larger than the people!!

Talk about feeling small!!

Then again, maybe it was something in the water.....

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m i c h e l l e said...

Holy moly that's a big shoe!