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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A new painting

This pastel painting was painted as a donation to our local Arts Center fundraiser February 28th. This event is called the Chocolate Fantasy---a dreamy evening full of chocolates, art, and music. My only complaint?! I'm just not a chocolate fan!! I know, I must be some kind of weird feminine aberration... but I just don't really like chocolate much! If I have to have chocolate I want it in the form of brownies, chocolate milk, chocolate cream cheese cupcakes* (see below!) and the occasional mocha, but that's about it for the chocolate fantasies of mine. Ok, chocolate rum cake is pretty tasty too, but a chocolate kiss? hershey bar? chocolate covered almonds? Nah, no thanks... Now if it was a popcorn fantasy? Chips & dip? I'd be all over that!! Luckily for me, since I do get 2 tickets to the event for my contribution, there is at least one table that has non-sweet treats available... What I'm really looking forward to, is seeing all the other donated artwork!

This first photo shows my preliminary drawing with pastel pencil on the prepared canvas:
Not much to it, is there? That's the joy of pastels---you build as you go!

Next we have the first layer of soft pastel, pretty much covering the drawing and the whole surface of the canvas.

I've sprayed it thoroughly with diluted pva size, and continued on with another layer of pastel.

And, here is the painting, all finished!

I'm calling it "Showers Likely"
It's on 12x12" canvas with a finished gallery edge.
Coming up---my 2nd painting, finished this month! Stay Tuned for something completely * different!

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