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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More from the past week(s)

Loving this 4 day weekend (for me), considering how we busted butt around here with the weed issue the last 3 days. Shoulder high beauties in the garden---not veggies tho! Pow! Out & in the yard debris bucket! All of last year leggy, dry, skeleton sunnies: Bam, yard debris. Stupid nit-picky grasses poking up thru my snow-in-summer, towering 2 ft. higher than the flowers: Snap! all gone! We ended up borrowing a 2nd yard debris bucket from the neighbors---they're both empty now (pick-up comes every other week---we got lucky it was this week!)

So today is for me---the things I'd hoped to do this extended weekend: on the list for today, since Brad's back at it in the shop, which means he's not nudging me to join him in the yard resurrection! The big to-do today? Resurrect the closet! Yep, that means plowing thru and removing everything that I don't wear (which would be about 85% - see post listing my weird quirks below - Apr. 30, #4), donating those items, and putting my few favs back into the now usable closet.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with some glimpses of our past week(s):

mmmmmmm my favorite poppy---one of 11 in the backyard this year!

Looking out the window on the door at our cabin in Yachats during our beach get-away.

Off to tackle that closet....

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