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Monday, May 26, 2008

busy, busy, busy, but having fun too!

Well, it's been an action packed couple of weeks, and blogging kind of took a back seat! Here are some of the highlights that have happened during that time:

After our exciting Obama sighting downtown, (see below) my daughter had another impromptu encounter with our possible future president! Last weekend, Senator Obama was visiting Oregon to drum up some last minute support prior to the following Tues. primary, with a planned stop in Roseburg, that Saturday. My daughter, living in Eugene, a couple hours north, headed out that day to a park with a couple of friends hoping to soak in some rare sunshine and work on homework. It was an unbelievable HOT weekend, temperatures soaring near 100º after weeks of barely hitting 60º, so after too much sweating the girls headed to a local ice cream parlor, hoping the lines wouldn't be miles long like other attempts in the past. They were amazed how tiny the line was considering the heat & headed in to get a cold treat. As they went to order, the ice cream scooper said "better hurry, you won't believe who's on their way here!!" That's when they realized that most of the people inside were folks from the press! Eliza made a quick call home to tell us what was up, then squeaked "He's Here!" before hanging up! Senator Obama arrived with his wife and people from his team, secret service vehicles, busses, & a police escort---walked in, shaking hands---chatting---& Eliza got to shake his hand, & have a nice visit with his wife Michelle! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! She called us back after they all left to tell us all about her Obama encounter---again---excited to report they both ordered mint chocolate chip ice cream!

There's more fun to share about different things this past week---I'll post more tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

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m i c h e l l e said...

I remember reading this but can't believe I forgot to comment. This is just SO cool!!!!!