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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've been Tagged!

I was tagged my Michelle---http://www.michellegeller.typepad.com/ sadly I don't know how to make her name light up & become a link to her site...someday I'll figure that out!

Now I'm supposed to post 7 weird or random facts about myself----there were several other rules too, but I've never been good at following rules exactly. I like to change them up for some reason... For fun, if you read this, post 7 weird or random facts about yourself---then leave a comment here to let us know the link to read your 7. Or just post the 7 things in the comment section here.

My 7:

1. Both my babies were born at home---first was a successful breech home birth, 2nd was also successful but not breech.

2. I can’t eat sweets, or chocolate after 6:00 pm, or I have a hard time falling asleep (*sigh…)

3. I used to have angora rabbits and would spin their fur (you pluck it off them as they snuggle in your lap---they’re bred to not have a lot of feeling in their skin, so they don’t mind when you pull their loose hair!)

4. I could wear the same thing for a week---I don’t like changing my clothes or thinking of what to wear. When I'm working at home for lengths of time that's just what I do! Luckily Brad doesn’t care & since he works at home does the same thing. We’re very “green” that way. (Now if something gets pitted out, it’s in the laundry, no questions---I just rarely pit out!) (another random fact?!)

5. When I was 20 years old I managed a restaurant in Portland Oregon. I worked downtown at a different restaurant the summer after my sophomore year in college and was then offered the position of manager in a new restaurant the owner was opening, so I took that year off of college to run the new one.

6. May 1980 Mt. St. Helen’s blew her top and I was living in Portland when that happened---ash from her eruption blew all over Portland and the surrounding areas. In June I rode my bike downtown Portland with a friend to see the Rose Festival Parade wearing bandanas over our noses to protect us from the fine ash. We looked like bike-bandits!

7. When I’m painting with a fat paintbrush, at some point I have a real hard time not painting someone nearby… the urge to add an impromptu paint mustache is really hard to resist. I’m getting better at not succumbing to this urge the more I paint with my husband---he doesn’t like paint mustaches.

Now go ahead, think of 7 odd facts about yourself & list them in the comment section or leave me a link in the comment section to where you've made your list! Go! Do it! (ok, you have some time---took me several days before I had time to do this!!)

Also, I can't leave without sharing a photo--- & another random fact---I grow baby ginko trees on my window sill in the kitchen---I have 2. They are now 2 years old---every fall they lose their leaves & look like sticks in a pot through the winter. I faithfully water them still. Then sometime in the spring they show a teensy bit of green, proving they're alive. Here's one of them! Now go, write some randomness about yourself!!

1 comment:

m i c h e l l e said...

Yay! Such very cool stuff Jana! And AMAZING that you lived in Portland when Mt St Helen's blew!

Thanks! :-)