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Friday, September 07, 2007


Well, it all started with a desire to have a necklace like my daughters. I borrowed it for a couple of occasions recently and really liked the length---along with the colors & style.

So, a week ago I took a look at our local bead shop downtown, saw what was available, bought a few, then returned home to see if I was anywhere close to my inspiration. Not bad! I still needed a few more beads to finish it off, so went back the next day with her necklace in hand, hoping to find a few more beads similar. Back home I settled on the dining room table & proceeded to make myself a new beaded necklace! I loved it! My daughter came home, admired mine, said "Copy Cat..." then almost in the same breath said "Would you make me one?"! I said "sure!" (someday...!)

I had enough black beads leftover to make another necklace, adding some shiny black beads with streaks of colors embedded in the glass---this time a bit less bright and colorful---yep, like this one too!

Suddenly I was flashing on more---more bead shops, more designs, more bead information. I could hardly wait 'til Tuesday this week when a 2nd bead shop would be open after the holiday. I was there for over an hour playing in the beads, finding some treasures, asking questions... I had to go to Eugene to pick up my paintings Thursday so of course did an online search & found 2 shops to explore there... Yep, I was bit bad!! Hoping to play some more today with my new obsession... Wishing you all a great weekend finding something that feeds your passions! (hoping to paint some today too---that's a whole 'nother post tho...)


Nancy Bea said...

OMG, I love what you've made! Those really look like fabulous necklaces. If you make extra and put them up for salewon Etsy or whatever, please let me know! And what fun for you to discover a new passion!

Tip Junkie said...

I enjoy beads myself. I've been making beaded bookmarks. They are so fun. This is such a beautiful post and I'm glad you've found an other obsession. ;)

m i c h e l l e said...

Your necklaces are gorgeous Jana! And I love that your mind works like mine...in it for a penny...in it for a pound! When I discover something new, I am ALL about getting my hands on as much of it as possible!