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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Glassless pastel attempt #2.

Well, not sure if I mentioned this, but I managed to ruin my first attempt at glassless pastel...(see previous post about success before I ruined it...http://phinearts.blogspot.com/2007/07/my-new-obsession.html). I became impatient with the slow blow drying process and while trying to hurry up it up I used the high setting on the blow dryer which I think caused the pva size to make tiny bubbles on the surface of the pastel. I initially just flattened them down with the back of my thumbnail, but then they began to pop which left open blisters on the surface. I thought I could just gently peel them off, but that just started everything to go downhill---one peel led to more, & soon the surface looked like a bad sunburn... I ended up taking out sand paper & completely sanding away the almost finished painting!! *sigh...live and learn...

So, this past week I thought I'd try again on another prepared board and created my 2nd pastel using diluted pva size as a sealer between layers, drying slooowwwly on low with the blow dryer, holding it about 2 feet away, being overly cautious of course---but I managed to not ruin this one! Yay! So it now hangs at the gallery in the "Dog Days" show, and I'm excited to start another---first a smaller one that I can try finishing off with an acrylic UV resistant spray. I wanted to on this one but was smartly told to experiment with something smaller & less precious. After that I want to go BIG! Can't wait!!

Here's the finished painting---"Black and White":


Anke said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. This painting is beautiful!

the heartful blogger said...

This is beautiful!!!

Claire said...

Very nice painting! I'm sorry to hear about your bad blow drwing experince with the last one, though. How frustrating!

Nancy said...

hi, I am not familiar with how to easily leave comments, or find this again! I was reading your glassless pastel attempt, and was confused by the process. Does this site let me contact you?

I wondered if you could share the specific steps you have to use to do this process. Example, what is a dilution rate when you dilute the pva size, how did you spray it on (spray bottle), you mentioned using wood and that confuese me. Can you post the exact steps for doing this somehow if you have it written out? Tricia's page no longer pulls up. Can I correspond with you? I do not know how this works on these blog things. It is my first time!