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Monday, July 09, 2007

Featured Artist

It's been a while since I was the featured artist at our local gallery of which I've been part of for 16 years this month... I've had at least 4 other shows thru the years, but this is the first that only has one painting in it! With all the fun I've been having this spring with taking photos I decided to feature them for a change with a painting tossed in just to mix things up. After we hung the show a week ago, along with the little tags and sign, I shot a quick photo of the finished product.

We also visited my two paintings hung in a group show at the Eugene library at a reception Friday night. Our first time inside the library there---what a nice facility! Not sure the history, but it seems pretty brand new.

Feels good to be finished with those two projects!

Painted in the little town of Independence last Tuesday, the day before Independence day! Our plein air painting group that meets on Wed. met a day early 'cause of the holiday---most people stayed on main street painting some of the historical buildings, or were down in the park painting the Willamette River. I was in the mood to paint fields and sky, so spent too much time hunting for the perfect scene---finally finding it on the north end of town. Because of my shortened painting time (we were going to meet at 12:30 and it was already 10:45) I painted fairly small (8x10) and fast! It's now my favorite painting!! Might have to create a 2nd and keep this one... Sorry for the tease, but I haven't taken any photos of the finished painting yet---so you'll have to come back and see it in a later post!

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Courtney said...

Hello! I live in Eugene and would love to know the name and location of the gallery that you had your showing. Thanks!! Courtney