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Friday, July 27, 2007

Beachy Keen!

Two weekends ago, we popped over to Florence---a little town on the Oregon coast. Time for us to get away and pick up some out of town inspiration along with a much needed beach fix! Here is what we saw that day--this first photo shows the bridge heading south of Florence taken from "old town".

The flowers at the coast always amaze me---I think it's the cooler temps, and abundance of water that makes for some pretty spectacular flower boxes!

We then drove up hwy. 101 and stopped to wander the beach at Bob Creek---a new discovery for us. There was the creek, and then further down the beach were some great tidal rocks that had more sea stars planted upon them than I'd ever seen before so close to the shore!

The colors of the day were orange and purple...and this tiny little shell was just shouting for attention amongst all the other tidal treats...

As we walked along we discovered another cool find at Bob Creek---a lovely green slime rock wall and cave that tucked under the highway we'd just been driving on!

Then to end our day, we found a couple of "wild" animals marching on the road as we headed home...Yep, it is a fine life...

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m i c h e l l e said...

Fabulous pictures and how cool are those star fish?! Love that green slime wall too!