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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

She did it!

This past year my oldest daughter has lived with two other roommates in a duplex after living at home for 22 years. She has had a great year, learning to live on her own, but has come to the conclusion once their lease was up she wanted to live without roommates next. Part of the issue was that the other two girls had lived together previously (tho not at this place) so they had living arrangements worked out between them. Mariah was invited to live with them and she happily moved in last year. Because most of the furniture was theirs, she never felt 100% like it was also her home---she spent a lot of her time in her bedroom except when they went away on weekends.

The past couple of months we've been keeping our eyes open, looking for rental signs as the college school year comes to an end and have found several possibilities for her to look into. Last Friday she was out scouting after work, looking at an apt. complex she's always admired when a fella walked by saying the place he lived in had an apt. opening up---just across the street in the same block. She was able to see the studio apartment in this real cool fourplex and made a partial commitment that day! Yesterday (Monday) she met up with the landlady who lives across the street and invited me to join her, hoping to get another tour of the place. Unfortunately the landlady wasn't able to contact the tenant so after visiting with her a while & discovering she knew my aunt and uncle (small town) we asked permission to go see the back yard. We were also allowed to go inside to see the layout of the home & while upstairs the tenant appeared & let us inside to see her apt. again! Funky, but very livable---maybe a bit hot in the summer, but Mariah might be able to work with that---if anything she could always invest in a small a/c unit. We're so excited for her---it's just a block away from the library, close to downtown, 7 blocks from work, and in a nice little neighborhood!

Her apartment is in the back quarter of the upstairs---no windows visible from this photo, but isn't this the cutest house/4plex??? Yay Mariah!!

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m i c h e l l e said...

What an adorable fourplex!! Sure sounds like a GREAT living arrangement and perfect for Mariah's first outing with a "place of her own." Miranda has now lived in a house with four other people for about two months and right about now is really wishing she could afford a place of her own!

Congratulations Mariah!!!