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Friday, May 25, 2007

Studio Friday---May studio treat

This week's topic:
"Treat yourself to something your heart desires... a nice little something (no spending of a fortune involved). Celebrate yourself !!"

A few weeks ago, sadly one of my favorite stores went out of business. However their sale did offer the chance to purchase some of these paints I've been admiring for a few years now---I love the colors, the design of the bottles, and have wanted to get some, but could never justify the expense since I already had many tubes of acrylics. Not sure if I'll ever use these on canvas, but hope to play with them on paper sometime soon. In the meantime I just enjoy displaying them in my studio.


Bejeweled said...

What wonderful colors! You can never have too many beautiful art supplies :)

m i c h e l l e said...

Hmmm...yes yes yes! I, too, love not only the fabulous colors but also the bottle design. I am SUCH a good consumer! :-)

stephanie said...

I ADORE these colors!! What type of paints are they!

Enjoy them!!!

Fifi LePew said...

I love the shape of the bottles, too. What is it about a row of colors like this that makes you want to have them on your shelf? Have fun with them!

Monica Yvette said...

Wow, no wonder you wanted those paints. Great packaging and colors. I wish I'd thought of it.

maria said...

Love them! Looks really great!

KJ said...

There's no such thing as too many paints!

I've been known to buy acrylics just based on the name alone (I'm sorry, how could you turn down a color called Hope? I don't have that kind of willpower, I just don't!), to get hom to find that I have the same exact hue and shade, by another name, from another brand. And you'd think I'd return the unused one, but I never have --you can never have too many paints (especially when you got them at a discount)!

I bet those you snagged would absolutely pop on a canvas, you should try it!