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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Painting amongst the flowers!

Yesterday we spent the morning painting at Schreiner's Iris Gardens---what's fun is they're way more than just irises! I love Dutch Iris, and Japanese Iris, but the bearded iris just don't thrill me---a bit too frilly for me maybe? Not a problem at this garden tho---they have so many other flowers along with the irises you can find inspiration everywhere! The different colors and the constant fragrant aroma just amazes me!! The plants also seem to be on steroids---poppies that are dinner plate size, peony blooms the size of your head, whatever they use as fertilizer is truly powerful. Here are some of my favorite pics from the day:

Here's a size comparison of the peonies at Schreiner's---a friend's hand (and she's quite tall---not at all petite!)

Inside that massive peony!

Coral Poppies.

My favorite red poppies with a riot of color behind them.

After our noon critique, we headed across the freeway and north a little ways to see a peony garden nearby. These photos below were taken at that garden---the lighting wasn't quite as dramatic as it was earlier in the morning, but the flowers were still breathtaking! I'll show the little pastel I painted in a new post soon :).


m i c h e l l e said...

Just breathtaking. We're going out to The Dalles for some camping so I can't make it to Shreiners this weekend. We may venture down next weekend just to see what we can see!

iHanna said...

my favorit flower - oh my gosh how many pink ones! beautiful!