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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Haircut time!

It's always interesting after a new haircut to see what you look like the next morning...especially if it's short hair! What looked good the night before can often be a bit shocking the next morning---YIKES!

Luckily with a bit of water, everything can be restored to it's somewhat original look---however it doesn't seem to matter how simple the hair stylist does your hair, it never looks like how she did it--fortunately I really like this cut---it's quite versatile and can be worn multiple ways---spiky, fluffy, or smooth---although one morning I woke up with my hair looking way too smooth---can you say light bulb head? Quick, where's the spray bottle?! Then there's the Julie Andrews look---nah---think I'll pass on that one too... Here's today's version---what I'd consider a good hair day.

Hope you too are having a good hair day!

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