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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We like shoes!

Well, you'd think we'd taked off for Spring Break, what with the lull in this blog...but nope, just hanging out relaxing at home was the spring break thing this year. This week we're all back at it...working, framing, painting, school stuff, the usual.

So, what's new? Eliza is now a member of the Doc Martin club! Yep, her Dad has two pairs (I thought he only had one, so was surprised to remember he had a second pair---his "good" shoes, so that's why I never see them...!) and mine came several years ago while we were in between soccer games browsing shops in Coos Bay. Brad discovered these cool boots 50% off & happily they fit me! One thing about Doc Martin's is they have zip for arch support, so once I slipped in a cheapo pair of arch supports, I've loved mine ever since! Over spring break, Brad again was checking out a shoe store near where we'd been shopping & hauled Eliza over to see if she liked any there. She'd been in the market ever since her latest sturdy shoes developed a leak & obnoxious squeek... Happily she found a pair---here's a shot of our Doc's...

1 comment:

m i c h e l l e said...

Very cool picture! :-) I do love my docs but dang, they're just such a bear to put on...I'm so much more of a "slip on" kind of gal these days.