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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bun bun Bunnies!

Well after seeing the cutest photo of bunny breads (thanks Michelle!!) I just couldn't make boring rolls for Easter this year... so once the dough was all made, I cut a small piece off and formed a practice baby bunny Sat. night. (suggested by Eliza---she knew it might get a tad distorted once it was finished rising & cooking!) I did leave the practice loaf to rise a bit longer than I should have which made for a chubby bunny with barely any leg "definition". Lesson learned. Below are pics of the practice bunny---Eliza was out for the evening & made a photo request (happy to oblige!)

Easter Sunday, Eliza put together the two big bunny loaves to cook up for dinner---they were a hit! The nose fell off of one bunny even though I shoved it in pretty firmly (learned from the practice loaf eyes & noses pop out as the bread rises...) but it left a nice purple circle that looked nose-like instead! So, what's the next holiday we get to cook bread for? Not sure I can just make regular loaves anymore now that I've discovered creature loaves!!


Karla said...

LOL...OMGoodness those are so darling! You did a great job! But then again you are an ARTist!

Say...I really wish you can give any critiques you can. I admire your input. I just got into the whole ART thing recently. Back in the day I would draw Disney characters with one pencil! I was so good at it. I shaded with my fingers and they had a lot of depth. Anyway it was all free hand and now they are lost. It breaks my heart. But now...like 8 years later I started drawing again and I have been experiementing with drawing form the head and coloring them in with different mediums. So far I have tried computer coloring, colord pencils and watercolor. I think watercolor is my favorite. So beautiful.

So befor I go I just wanted to say that your comment made me all exited. I was like good...if she like it it MUST be good. And all the knoledge in your words...WOW! I LOVE ART! And that;s why I dig EVERYTHING you do! Check back soon I will have more to show you. I just want to get better and better!

Chat soon honey

Karla said...

Oh...and I did try the salt technique on it. I did it on the backround!!! SO cool!!! If you click to enlarge it ou might be able to see it better. It had a subtle efect and I will definatley do it more!!!!!

Thanks for the tip! If you have any more I'm all ears!!! Say...do you work with acrilics?


m i c h e l l e said...

These bun buns are just adorable! What a fabulous job! I'm sure they were a hit...they would have to be! :-)

Anonymous said...

I collect bunnies!! LOL not so sure I could eat these cute things... HA