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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Illustration Friday---Remember

I remember when she'd settle in for an afternoon with a good book on a lazy summer afternoon....now she's 22, and a preschool teacher... One of my favorite watercolors---it was painted as a "generic" kid, but then my inlaws said if I painted on her red glasses, they'd buy it---who can refuse that?! So happy I get to visit this when I go see them :).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our Ghetto Car...

Ok, so we need to use duct tape to hold on our passenger side mirror, but really, do we need the spray painted graffiti?! Isn't the duct tape enough?

The other night, after a study group over at a friend's house, Eliza returned home to discover our car had been spray painted by some local hoodlum! She'd parked across the street from this house, so when she got into the car from the driver's side she had no clue she was parading thru town with a tagged car! It wasn't until she turned around after coming inside our house to turn off the driveway light she noticed the word WONKA plastered across the side!! She was stunned---stood there for a minute blinking, to make sure what she was seeing was reality before calling out to us to come see too! We could not believe it either! Especially since where she'd been is considered a "nice part of town", away from the college---not like our neighborhood, blocks from the college where something like this would be much less of a surprise. My first thought was at least it's not a foul word---but then I wanted to know what Wonka meant---or possibly was there a car that was parked behind hers that is now sporting Willy? A quick google search turned up nothing nasty (a music connection site, of course lots of Willy Wonka sites and even a link to an apple computer insider story on a new building being developed in Australia!)

Brad's theory is that it's someone's tag-name---and to support that theory Eliza saw an electrical box with the same thing written upon it a couple of days after. Luckily for us, Brad has an arsenal of paint removers he was able to pull out the next morning, easily removing the word without damaging the cars finish. There are still bits of paint puffs that show on the black rubber areas between the body of the car and the attached rubber, but unless you know to look, it's not noticeable at all.

So, what's new with you?!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mud spattered...

Who wants to go biking with him? This was the second weekend in row he's returned from his mt. bike ride looking like this... guess what he bought today? Yep, fenders---guess he's tired of looking like this! Didn't help that both mornings he went riding it poured on and off... Did I go with him? Heck no!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bun bun Bunnies!

Well after seeing the cutest photo of bunny breads (thanks Michelle!!) I just couldn't make boring rolls for Easter this year... so once the dough was all made, I cut a small piece off and formed a practice baby bunny Sat. night. (suggested by Eliza---she knew it might get a tad distorted once it was finished rising & cooking!) I did leave the practice loaf to rise a bit longer than I should have which made for a chubby bunny with barely any leg "definition". Lesson learned. Below are pics of the practice bunny---Eliza was out for the evening & made a photo request (happy to oblige!)

Easter Sunday, Eliza put together the two big bunny loaves to cook up for dinner---they were a hit! The nose fell off of one bunny even though I shoved it in pretty firmly (learned from the practice loaf eyes & noses pop out as the bread rises...) but it left a nice purple circle that looked nose-like instead! So, what's the next holiday we get to cook bread for? Not sure I can just make regular loaves anymore now that I've discovered creature loaves!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We like shoes!

Well, you'd think we'd taked off for Spring Break, what with the lull in this blog...but nope, just hanging out relaxing at home was the spring break thing this year. This week we're all back at it...working, framing, painting, school stuff, the usual.

So, what's new? Eliza is now a member of the Doc Martin club! Yep, her Dad has two pairs (I thought he only had one, so was surprised to remember he had a second pair---his "good" shoes, so that's why I never see them...!) and mine came several years ago while we were in between soccer games browsing shops in Coos Bay. Brad discovered these cool boots 50% off & happily they fit me! One thing about Doc Martin's is they have zip for arch support, so once I slipped in a cheapo pair of arch supports, I've loved mine ever since! Over spring break, Brad again was checking out a shoe store near where we'd been shopping & hauled Eliza over to see if she liked any there. She'd been in the market ever since her latest sturdy shoes developed a leak & obnoxious squeek... Happily she found a pair---here's a shot of our Doc's...