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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the absence...but we've been busy again! I keep thinking "ah, holiday's over, time to move on" when something else pops up! Luckily it's all been good busy---friends, family, fun---what more can you ask for?!

We escaped for the New Year's holiday to a cute little cabin up on Mt. Hood with friends---they called unexpectedly and said family they had been expecting had to cancel, did we want to join them? After quick consultations w/my crew it was an easy consensus! Heck yeah!

We were celebrating our holiday season with another family that day (Sat.) which is always a fun tradition---either here at home or at their creative abode---so we planned our travels to the mountain the next day, New Year's Eve. The cabin is nestled between some giant newer homes that loomed over the little place. It is one of about 15 that were built around the same time as Timberline lodge was---so it's reeking with history & funkiness! The woman that owns the place has the placed decorated with monkeys, bells & ski kitsch---it was full of oddities, but was comfortable for the 8 of us---4 adults, 4 kids (although 2 of those kids aren't really considered kids since they're 18 & 22!---but they're my kids, so they counted!)

Highlights were snowshoeing---first time for 3 of us; downhill skiing---2 went on New Year's Eve from 9 pm 'til 1:45 am; and we all played Loaded Questions (funny game!!)---great entertainment for everyone there---7-50 + years old!

The first photo shows the creek up the road from the cabin:

This is the cabin---loved the warm light shining thru the window---such coziness!

A glimpse inside---

So glad we went, played, and are now happily back at home with nothing on the agenda today---maybe I'll cook some sweet meat squash---how's that for ambitious?!

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Michelle said...

Oh Jana your New Year's sound absolutely wonderful. So peaceful and warm and cozy and snowy! I think I need to plan a getaway with the hubbs very soon just like that!