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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pics I promised

Ok, here are a couple of images my daughter shot prior to receiving her new camera---for some reason I really like the leg photo---it seems timeless, I can see it in black & white, although then you'd lose the red of the purse. I love the colors in the juice mixes, and the perspective on the last photo---enjoy!


Karla said...

OMG did these are wonderful. So your a painter AND as photographer. What else do you so? Come on spill it sister!!! LOL!!!! I just love coming here....really

Michelle said...

Very cool pix. I know why you love the leg picture. Aside from it just being cool, those contours are so inviting! It'd be a very fun picture to paint!

Armymom said...

neat pics! Thanks for the comment... I'm so new to blogging I have no idea what you mean by 'restrictions' in Xanga... LOL I've been playing around and am learning... love your blog 'here'... not many hit DM anymore... it's dead! glad to know where ya blog so I can keep up!