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Monday, December 18, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well sorta anyway...Some pics to show we're at least trying!

Have had a crazy busy month---finished a semi-commissioned painting that became our Christmas card which took a lot longer to paint than I expected, then had to photograph it digitally to use for the commission & again for the card---took several attempts before I was satisfied (first image I saw flaws in the painting I had to fix...).

An interruption to our already frenzied month came along on Thursday---a terrific wind & rain storm that pounded the Northwest! Many places in Oregon were without power & had lots of trees down, but our city seemed to be hit especially hard! We luckily only lost power from 7:00-9:45 that night (happy it came back on since I'd cooked a 21 lb. turkey & stuffing the night before---didn't want all that good food to go bad!) Unfortunately 2 of our tall cedars that grow in a line up our driveway broke but fortunately fell into the field next door, not on our house. A third tree had snapped earlier that week---sad to see! Many others in town were not as lucky---a woman from my daughter's high school had 7 fir trees fall around & upon her house & cars :(.

Then we had my daughter's 18th birthday to prepare for---she had another dance party in my husband's shop---Black and White was this theme---surprised how many followed along! Lots of cocktail dresses on the girls, white shirts & black pants on boys (looked like a waiter convention!) tho many wore white tees. My in-laws visited the next day & we all went to our favorite pizza & salad place that night, & Sunday her real birthday we had my parents & brother over for turkey noodle soup, homemade rolls & poppy seed cake!

Happy to see Monday arrive today---time to play a bit of catch-up & get most of our Christmas cards out. Next it's time to go shopping I guess.... can you say procrastination?!

Gotta run.....!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Oh your tree is beautiful...and I love the fast one with just the lines of lights! Very Monet! :-)

Sure sounds like life is busy for you! Hope you enjoy every moment of it! :-)