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Monday, December 11, 2006

Break time!

It was a busy week last week---lots going on, not a lot of time to be online, hence the lack of posts! A huge highlight occurred this past Saturday---the high school my daughter attends as a senior won the state football championship! We were there in Eugene watching the game, and to say the least, it was a true nail biter! The score at half-time was 0-0, and the opposing team then scored two touchdowns in the 3rd quarter, + their extra points so then we were down 14-0! We finally scored one touchdown that quarter, and another during the 4th quarter to tie up the game which then went into 3 overtimes!! The win could have so easily gone to either team, but our defense was cooking during overtime and we managed to finally score with a 26 yard field goal---phew!! So fun to know a lot of the boys playing, and seeing them not give up---as their coach told them, there are 4 quarters to a game---play all 4 quarters!

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Karla said...

OMG I so wish I was there it looks like soooo much fun! And about being absent...I have been too. In fact I just took this time see what's up. Girl you relax and enjoy your holiday and we will all be hear to chat with you when you return! Later girl -Karla