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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Birthday girl

Just a quick shot of what we gave my daughter for her 18th---she'd been borrowing her sister's camera, & our camera for a class she's taking. It's been fun seeing the world thru her eyes lately---some images are really classy, others typical teenager funny faces. I'll try and find some photos to share---if she'll let me!


Michelle said...

How totally cool for your daughter. I wish her a VERY happy birthday!!!

Karla said...

Hey honey...It's been a while! Say...your daughter is beautiful! And I am so happy to hear she is taking photography classes. Very good for her in so many ways. Now with her new camera she can take wonderful pictures and you just have to paint them!!!! Oh gosh that would be so cool. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!
Chat with you soon girl -Karla