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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Studio Friday Theme---Autumn

My favorite season---and it seems like a lot of people agree! I love the colors of the trees, leaves, and how everything mellows after the heat of summer. Woodstove fires, harvest veggies and fruits, homemade soups, baked and roasted meals....all favorites! My previous post could work for this theme---but I'll include some new pics for variety.

Lastly is the pastel I worked on Tuesday----happy Autumn!


Sydney said...

The color of those leaves are wonderful. Ours are just starting to turn. I like your pastel!

Anke said...

Great painting!

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures and a GORGEOUS painting Jana!!! LOVE how you can totally accomplish fall colors with pastels. They're just SO vivid! Great job!

Going For Greatness said...

that is GORGEOUS! you have a great style!!
Fall colours are so fun to work with! I LOVE using them on my scrapbook pages!!

Sue said...

Your work is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!