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Monday, October 09, 2006

Some anniversary party images

My oldest daughter was assigned the job of photographer at the party and did a terrific job---not only did she manage to shoot a picture of everyone that attended she also had a cd burned and delivered the next day! What a sweetheart she is.

These two show the view off my parent's deck---it was a glorious fall day just barely hitting 70ยบ drawing some of the people outside to relish the sunshine and perfect temps.

This next photo shows the amazing spread of food we all enjoyed.

I made the carrot cake and Brad used silver and gold leaf to decorate it along with some of our nasturtiums from the back yard.

Lastly, this bottle of wine is 25 years old...it was from a case my dad bought for our wedding...one of 3 Brad had stashed in his closet. Cheap stuff then, down right nasty now! Of course we had to try it.... I think we should save one for our 50th...

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Nothing says "be mine forever" like a bottle of Tyrolia! :-)

Seriously, the photos are wonderful and how perfect that they were captured by your daughter! What a truly beautiful day!