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Friday, October 13, 2006


I've decided to step into a challenge about photography---didn't do any layouts, but did play with the digital camera. I have some successes, but also some disappointments---hiking thru Silver Falls Wed. I was enthralled with the colors of the viney maples contrasting with the giant fir trees,

the gold reflections of the foliage in the pools below the falls

and the images seen thru the falls looking out at the scenes beyond.

Sadly the camera wasn't capturing these images as well as I wished. The contrast between the sun areas and the shade were too much for the camera. It really made me realize why I like to paint from life---my eyes can adjust to the light changes, I can play with the pastels and make the colors work on paper, but the particular camera I was using wasn't up to the job! I ended up trying to revive these photos on the computer, but still feel they fall short from the images I'd witnessed with my own eyes.

Earlier that week I shot some digital pics of the flowers we received for our anniversary---several turned out just the way I envisioned! No computer enhancement needed :).

It's usually the lighting that can make or break a photo for me---but sometimes that takes a backseat to capturing a decent portrait---however lighting helps that too. I feel like a strength I have with photography is the eye I've developed as a fine artist---I've trained my eyes to see beyond what might just be in front of me---to look for that focal point, the supporting color juxtapositions, the contrast between objects, lighting that can enhance, soften, make your subject pop... it's what can draw me to a scene or image. I've also had to find images at times during poor lighting situations---or sites that just didn't jump with inspiration---that is also great training for the artist and photographer---as an artist tho I can work an image to my satisfaction, but as a photographer it's more of a challenge to create that stunning photo when the circumstances don't always fall into place.

Below are the questions we were asked to consider this week---Thank you Ali for the inspiration!

"What is your personal photo-taking process?
What are your strengths in regards to taking photos?
What do you want to change about your process?
Which photos that you have taken are your favorites? Why?
What makes those photos your favorite?"


Liz Ness said...

These are beautiful! I really love flower photos (take so many of them myself). Thanks for sharing your thoughts, too. I can relate to the mismatch between vision and what the camera captures.

Michelle said...

Fabulous pictures Jana! Glad you are stepping into the challenge because that means WE get to see your work! :-)

Kristin said...

OK I love, love, love the 2nd water fall picture. It is so unique something not often seen. I love the light on the hill and the reflection in the water. It has a peaceful feel to it.

Karla said...

thank you so much for you wonderful comment about my Ali Photo Challenge layou. It was so thoughtful...thank you. I took a look at your pictures and I am so in lovewith those roses. Absolutely beutiful. Keep up the good work. A photograph speaks more than a thousand words and they truely do leave footprints on the heart. I added you to my blog list...ill be looking back in again to see more great photos!