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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Space Aliens?

Nope, just the promised photos of the bronze pour. First photo shows our friend adding more ingots of bronze to the crucible which is being heated inside that cylindrical hot pot.

Next we have my husband in the shorts & the artist (friend) lifting out the crucible full of molten bronze to start pouring into the molds. Nothing like a little gear to wear on a hot day in a very hot room!

Here they are pouring, and a close up shot below.

These molds were different from the previous set---more open, like he was pouring bars of some sort...

Good to the last drop...

Of course, one can't help but get a bit goofy...sure it's only a sauna in that room, but hey, wouldn't this be a great Halloween costume?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

While the process SOUNDS a might tedious, it must have been pretty impressive to see that molten metal glow and feel it's heat! With the tiny bits of hard soldering I've experimented with lately, I have SUCH an appreciation for working with metal, moreso than I did before! Thanks for sharing the FUN FUN FUN pictures!