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Saturday, September 02, 2006


I love our summer Saturdays and today is another good one! Love sleeping in while my sweetie is out conquering the hills on his mt. bike, returning charged and amped from the adrenaline rush while I'm calmly sipping coffee reading the paper. We then get ready and ride bikes to the Farmer's Market downtown where a riot of color, people, dogs, kids, & music awaits. We wander, perusing the veggies and flowers, picking out our favorites of the week. We wave to people we recognize, chat, bake in the sun, then stop at Great Harvest for a cookie and a slice, taking both back to the market where we find a bench in the shade. There we listen to Ramblin' Rex sing the blues while munching our goodies, and watching people, bikers, life go by. It's such an inspiration for me. I love the small town feel, the connectedness with the community and the earth, the rich bounty of the valley, the lush green grass of the river front park, the rush of wind as we ride along the bike path home. Life is good :).

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a very very good life, in deed. And the picture is sensational!