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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Painting last week

About 25 miles east of Newport is Burnt Woods. If you turn south there and drive in about 8 miles you come to Harlan---a few houses, a cemetery, a church, and not much else besides a lot of farmland. One of its highlights is the view of Mary’s Peak, the largest mountain in the Coast Range. Normally one sees Miss Mary from her east side, considering that’s where most of the population lives. A few lucky people get to see her from her west side---including many in the community of Harlan. Last week, our plein aire group had the pleasure of painting in Harlan. One of our members is a retired vet & he received permission from some of the land owners to drive onto their cattle field to paint. Others parked themselves near the church and painted scenes from there. Another favorite site was the local cemetery. Here are some images of Harlan and what I chose to paint. I’m especially happy with the colors I played around with in the foreground field.

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Michelle said...

You really nailed this one Jana. YOUR picture looks better than the real one! LOL! Great job!!!