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Monday, July 10, 2006

My first baby has moved out!

She did it---received the key to her new home on Thursday, started packing once she was home from work, and with a bit of help from her parents (us) & uncle was moved into her new house Sat. night! She hung out with us Sunday for part of the day finishing off some things here, then took us out for the best pizza we've ever had that evening. We dropped her off at her house again & she's now at work, all on her own, all grown up, and it's such a nice feeling for us and I'm hoping for her too.

True she's 22 (a week ago) and graduated from college, but this is a big step for all of us---our first child moving out. She lived at home during college which allowed her to save $$ big time. We'd been looking at really slummy apartments for the past month and were somewhat discouraged at what was available in the price range she was considering. Then a coworker called last weekend & said she had just moved into a 3 bedroom duplex and needed one more roommate---was Miss M interested? She checked out the place on Wed. after work, then we went back with her later that evening and we all were sold almost immediately! It was nice! Nice neighborhood, close to shopping and only a 15 minute bike ride to work, sweet roommate, hardwood floors, over $100 less than the slums we'd been looking at, just terrific!

Her roommates both work at the same place as she does, but one is in Portland for the summer---we haven't met her yet. They all have their own bedroom, and the other girls have been living away from home a year or more now so most of the duplex is furnished with what they've accumulated---means Miss M doesn't have to purchase much at this point. It might be a bit awkward at first for her---she might not feel like the other rooms are "hers" quite yet, but I'm sure once she and her roommate have spent some time together it'll start feeling like the house is all hers not just her bedroom. This past weekend her roommate was in Portland too---sounds like she goes there often to see her boyfriend---so they haven't experienced living together yet. Not sure if she arrived last night or not---my youngest daughter was out with friends last night and went to her sisters new house to hang out 'til 11:30 or so & the roommate hadn't returned before she left.

New stuff! New adventures! Can't wait to hear how her night went and if her roommate is home and how that will all play out :)! (yes, I do have a life of my own---gallery board meeting today, taste test after, new studio to refurbish... :) ... this is just so exciting and new for all of us tho!)

I'll shoot some photos later of her new place---haven't yet---

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Michelle said...

Your daughter's new place sounds SO nice. What an utterly perfect sitaution! Very happy for her and YOU! :-)

Enjoy your "studio" refurbish!!!