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Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's too HOT!

This is Oregon, we're not supposed to get this hot.... 3 days of 100º+ just stinks! Not many have air conditioning since it's so rare to get above 95º, so when it happens we all just wilt! My main method of cooling off our house in the summer is keeping it closed during the day & opening it when it's cooler outside than in---sadly these last couple of days we've barely dipped below 80º at night which means it doesn't get cooler than that inside. We've moved downstairs since the upper level is about 10º warmer than the main floor---our air bed is set up in the living room and our futon in the dining room. Yesterday we had breakfast outside on our picnic table since there was a slight breeze compared to inside for an hour or so before it got too hot... feels like camping but w/out the fun! We do have a kiddie pool set up outside but if it's in the sun it's too hot to use! I think today's supposed to be the last above 100º day, so as long as I can drag my little fan from room to room, I'll survive... Just glad I don't live in Arizona... end of whining....

Here's a cute pal that was watching the art camp I helped teach 2 weeks ago,

and here's where I'd like to be today!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Thankfully it has cooled off here in Portland too. We came VERY close to sleeping downstairs but decided sleeping in a warm bedroom on a bed was better than sleeping in a cool room on the floor! :-)

And that "bird watcher" is SO cute!