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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dancing Oaks part II

We did return on Friday and I quickly finished up the painting a couple of hours before we left---shot some photos, then grabbed 2 more rolls of film "just in case" as we headed back to Dancing Oaks nursery for my daughters senior photo shoot. She hauled a suitcase full of clothes to try different outfits while there! Senior photos aren't what they used to be!! I remember going to a photo studio and getting a few shots taken with my one outfit. Now-a-days kids have all sorts of photos taken---still only one used in the yearbook, but different outfits, settings etc. for a portfolio of photos.

We shot our oldest daughter's senior photo (whole roll of 24, two outfits in our back yard---#23 was the winner!) and the one we picked was truly a great photo. She's pretty laid back, but also impatient at times, so getting those 24 pics was not a picnic! Youngest daughter is miss model... She was totally into posing, changing clothes, wanting us to give her suggestions, and very patient. Interesting difference---but that's kids for you---they are very different in many ways (always wondered if I'd had a third if it would be like oldest, youngest, or a whole new version!) Anyway, we ended up using all the film I brought---we're talking 48 + 1/2 the roll in the first camera---and she's not through yet she thinks! She'd like beach photos, pics from this great park that has a terrific wild grassy meadow, and keeps coming up with different settings---we only need ONE photo! Oh well, it's fun---she likes playing model, and I enjoy playing photographer! Brad wandered the nursery in awe of the gorgeous plants, hauled my backpack, making me have to find him when I needed another roll...but also helping make Miss E laugh! We're hoping to get the pics back tomorrow afternoon---yes they're real film photos!

The other cool news is the nursery owner bought my painting! Yay! It's been a while since I've sold a painting---never this quick tho! Seemed a bit odd to sell it unframed, but that wasn't a problem for him---he just slid it into a shallow drawer until they could get it framed. He didn't even flinch at the price, and even remembered what I'd quoted two days prior. His memory is really fabulous---he said he remembers when Miss E & I had been there 6 years ago and where we'd sat to paint & what that painting looked like!! It's probably sitting in my file drawer unfinished still....should pull it out & finish it & email it to him---see if he wants it too!

So, here's the unfinished painting:

and now the finished, sold painting (kinda curious to see the differences myself):

When we get back the senior photos, I'll post some if they're any good!

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Michelle said...

Beautiful piece Jana. What size is it? I missed that if you posted it somewhere. You did such a good job getting those colors to POP! :-)