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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dancing Oaks Nursery

Today the Vista Vineyard plein air painting group met & painted at the coolest nursery---Dancing Oaks is located southwest of Monmouth Oregon---out in the boonies! You drive through farmers fields, into the heart of the valley, then make couple of turns onto a gravel road & up a steep hill and come out on this amazing oasis! It's the third time I've been there, and each time it's magical. They carry a lot of different plants you don't see at other nurseries, and they have these gorgeous planted beds with tons of well established perennials. It's also the third time my daughter has joined me out there---when a teenager likes to go it must be a pretty special place! She was scouting it out as a possible site to have us take her senior photos. While I painted she sat nearby reading and loving the sweet greyhound that kept appearing for more kisses!

After our noon sharing time when we gathered to munch lunch and admire each others' paintings/drawings, the owner asked me if I'd sell my painting! Cool Beans! I told him sure, but I wasn't finished yet, then asked if it would be ok to come back soon for a photo shoot & I'd then bring the hopefully finished painting and we could work out a deal :). We exchanged numbers, and now I have to finish it! I'm real happy with my tree and sky, but think the plants in front are a bit scattered and unsettled---sort of a sneeze effect---I'll work on them some more & try to make them seem more "planted" (pun intended...).

Here's the images from today starting first with the rough drawing---it's on black sanded paper

The next image is about an hour later:

This is a close-up of the tree and sky:

Here's miss E with Dale the greyhound :) Aren't they a cute pair?

This is the "sold" image---the unfinished painting that the nursery owner was ready to purchase---but I'm not ready to sell yet!

I shot some photos of what I was painting so I could finish at home---here's my reference photo:

And lastly, I love cannas! Some of the gorgeous plants we saw today :).


Yolanda said...

It looks gorgeous. Maybe when I get moved out there we can meet for lunch and go there sometime.

Michelle said...

Okay...love love LOVE your interpretation of this view! Awesome job showcasing those gorgeous flowers! And that tree has such incredible depth! Not surprised AT ALL that the nursery owner wanted to snap it up right there on the spot!