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Monday, June 19, 2006

Self-portrait day

Ok, I know a while back I said I'd post some photos of my latest haircut---it was pretty dramatic, and to illustrate I've decided to share several "before" photos---the one on the beach is with the wind at my back, so what you see is not really what it usually looked like, but does give an example of how much hair I once had!

Second "before" photo shows how it usually looked---I can't stand having my hair flop in my face so as it grows I tend to tuck it behind my ears, so this is how I usually wore it.

Third "before" photo shows my hair sneaking out from behind my ears---and is probably the lastest photo before I got it chopped off!

This photo was taken 6 days after the haircut---so it's almost a week old. Shortest I've ever had my hair I think!

And lastly, here's an example that's 2 weeks after the haircut (what I thought was a pretty good hair day ;))

I've been blessed with quick growing hair, so I like to play around with styles every now and then---have always loved guys hair when it's thick and brushy on top, so have wondered what my hair would do if it was cut extra short---now I know! My inspiration came from a Vogue cover photo of Natalie Portman (http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/google.fcgi/itemKey=1922881871) which I made a copy of & gave to my terrific hair-cutter Jo Anna. I know I don't come close to looking like Ms. Portman, but the hairstyle is very cute, and I think Jo Anna did a pretty good translation upon my head :)! She suggested using a lot of product to get the chunky "messy" look and avoid the fuzzy look---kinda fun to play with! So, there ya go, will I keep it for a few years like this or let it grow out? Only time will tell.....................

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Michelle said...

LOVE the 'do Jana! And with your glasses...just a very classy, "together" look! I'm going the other way with my hair. I had it short and it is now growing out. I was thrilled this past weekend when I realized I can now officially wear my hair in a ponytail without it looking like a mistake! :-)