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Friday, June 23, 2006

Pony farm

This week we painted at a pony farm just west of town---tremendous bounty of possible painting choices---multiple tractors surrounded by daisys, out-buildings in various states of disrepair, old cars half buried in vegetation, and ponies and cats scattered all around. My third time there in the past 4 or so years. I came upon this magical scene and decided it was IT for me---spent my morning painting this wonderful model---she was standing near the tree initially & as I set up, she decided to curl up and take a nap! How lucky was I?!

I shot multiple digital pics of her shifting one way or another, then did a few quick sketches on the back of the canvas board I used as my drawing/painting board in case I made it to the point of being able to slip her into the painting before noon.

I was able to do just that, and though I still have more to work on the painting, I'm pretty satisfied with the tree & pony at this time. It was also the first mostly sunny day we've been out this year, which made for some great back-lighting and shadows for a change!

Semi-quiet weekend ahead of us after all the graduation hoop-la last weekend. Hoping to get out strawberry picking one of the days, walk to the Farmer's market, putter around the house, maybe play with art stuff :). Hope you have a nice one too!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Wow Jana! This picture is fabulous! You did a great job giving the tree some depth. It pops in the right places and creates a nice sense of "shade." And of course, the pony looks so comfortable!