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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Yay Beavers!! They did it! After 3 games they've beaten North Carolina, and come out on top to take home the college world series championship!! Watched the game downtown in the air conditioned comfort of "Tommy's" with a pack of fans, and though it was not that exciting of a game mostly, it was a nail biter the last few innings, as OSU finally pulled ahead again from a 2-2 tie most of the game---then NC tried to catch up & pass the 3-2 lead OSU was barely hanging on to, but they never did and Tommy's exploded with relief and delight as the Beavers managed to win the game! They were pretty evenly matched as teams, but OSU played a terrific game, and we were so happy for them!

It's been a fun season, starting with free tickets from our daughter, to one of their last games, which helped them become the Pac-10 winners. We listened to most of their games after that (no cable tv, so unless we go out, we're left with radio reception of the games, which we didn't mind since we like to multi-task anyway!), spending the last two nights out in our backyard listening to the first two games against NC in our kiddie pool, floating on lounge rafts, sipping margaritas! We decided for the last game we had to see these terrific players, & that's how we ended up at Tommy's (besides the pool was beginning to get to that scummy stage---we cleaned it out this morning & it's filling up as I write!) We'll have to venture over to campus this afternoon for the big 3:00 festival planned for the returning team---hopefully it won't be too hot today!

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Yolanda said...

I just found your blog thru Ali E's and you are definitely talented.I will be returning often. I love Oregon and will be moving withing the next two months. If you could choose anywhere in the oregon or wash area which would you choose?